If after a careful analyse of the aims and needs that characterize the labour, and if buying an equipment instead of a rental option, is considered the best choice; the client can find in ALIFT a set of exclusive brands in Portuguese market that combines durability; easy maintenance; robustness; long-longevity, productivity, profitability and quality of the materials that form the equipment’s.


World leading manufacturing, Skyjack started its activity in 1986, with the fabric of scissor lift work platform’s, and in the nighties achieve 30 per cent share of the market,  and had maintained its position as a dominate player in the sector, mainly because its capacity to adapt to the rapidly changing face of the industry.


Quality and reliability are the hallmarks which had given to Skyjack a solid reputation, currently considered as one of the major manufacturing of scissor lift platform’s.


Producer of a full line self-propelled scissors lift with elevated work heights that reaches 56 lft, In August 2002, Skyjack was purchased by the leading manufacturing Limar Corportiom, which had increase strength and long term stability to Skyjack in the market.


With production facilities in Canada, U.S.A and Hungary, with support offices in Europe and Asia, Skyjack currently holds a worldwide presence of its products and brand.


Recognised French manufactured, ATN designs aerial work platforms, especially projected to meet the rental company’s needs.


The robustness and the quality of the materials used in the equipment’s production, guarantee the machines a long life circle, even under intense conditions.


Recognised manufacture in the market, especially because of the features that characterized its machines – easy maintenance; longevity; reliability and productivity, currently had a team of expertise high qualify engineers that work in an everyday basis to expand and increase the their range.



With a strong presence in the market for more than 30 years, the CTE group was founded in 1981. Specialized in the production of material removal lifts is now positioned as one of the major Europeans groups in  the field of lifting and movement of materials and people.


The group development reflects its evolutionary dynamic in the sector, underline that its pathway was marked by noted periods namely:


1987 – Establishment of an exclusive licencing agreement with Genie Industries (the world´s leading producer of self-propelled aerial platform).


1992 – Acquisition of the Pionaplant Patent.


1993 – Genex Lauch (Pioneer Company in the produce ladders and scaffolds in fibre glass).


1994 – Opening of a new branch in France


2002 – Opening of a new branch in United Kingdom


2005 – Acquisition of Effer and Bizzocchi, two brands of international standing with a long experience and know how in the market.